In Bourgogne, wine means celebration!

Saint-Vincent Tournante in Bourgogne
Wine festival in Bourgogne wine region

Celebrate Bourgogne wines!

Discover more about these wine festivals and cultural events in Bourgogne through two convenient options:

  • Online Festival Calendar: Quickly access information about upcoming wine festivals at a glance.
  • "Wine Festival Guide": Download this regularly updated guide for the most precise details. The events are listed chronologically, each described briefly, and accompanied by practical information such as timings, locations, prices, contact details, and websites. This guide allows you to refine your search by vineyard and date—a valuable tool for planning a festive weekend in the heart of our terroirs.


Immerse yourself in the festive spirit alongside the people of Bourgogne!

Wine Festival Guide

The people of Bourgogne profound love for their heritage and traditions is infectious, and you'll sense this deep-rooted pride as you journey along our scenic wine routes. In Bourgogne, there's more to share than just wine; there is an entire lifestyle to enjoy. Follow the Bourgogne wine routes and let the wine festivities carry you away. From Chablis to Mâcon, you'll have over a hundred events to choose from throughout the year, joyfully blending history, art, wine, and gastronomy.

These festivities and events, ranging from the simple and casual to the grand and ceremonial, are thoughtfully arranged to harmonize with the vine's four seasons. Around the wines of Bourgogne, there's a world waiting to be explored and enjoyed: theater performances, unconventional festivals, concerts, street art displays, gastronomic strolls, exhibitions, open-house events, and of course, tastings.

Why not plan your visit around one of our renowned wine festivals, such as the Saint-Vincent Tournante or the Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale? Or perhaps drop by for an impromptu wine tasting at one of our charming cellars? No matter the occasion, the Bourguignon spirit of celebration will leave a lasting memory!

Responsible Celebrations

To ensure that visitors to wine festivals fully enjoy their experience, organizers are dedicated to conducting tastings under the best possible conditions, with an unwavering focus on conviviality and public safety.

Wine festivals serve as a platform to educate the public about responsible drinking guidelines, including the art of "spitting out the wine," a common practice during wine tastings. Educational materials are also distributed, catering to the youngest members of the audience. For more information on responsible drinking, please visit the Vins & Société website.