For kids : have fun finding out about Bourgogne

The Bourgogne region, its culture and its pleasures aren’t just for grown-ups ! Younger visitors can also discover the secrets of the vine and winemaking. Games, stories and educational tools – we have everything you need to introduce a younger audience to the riches of Bourgogne. 

Listen to the fairytale from the Kingdom of Vines of Bourgogne

© BIVB / DR Extract of the tale "Les aventures de Beaugrain et Joligrain"


“Once upon a time...” Even in the land of vines of Bourgogne, the best fairytales begin with these four words ! Discover and tell the story of the adventures of these two little grapes who become the world’s best friends before going on an exceptional adventure together.

In either book version or audio (available for free download in French only), “The Adventures of Beaugrain and Joligrain in the Kingdom of Vines of Bourgogne” will delight young children whilst teaching them what actually happens in the vineyards of the Bourgogne region.


The Adventures of Beaugrain and Joligrain

in the Kingdom of Vines of Bourgogne (French version)

A Moi l’Aventure ! Two games about the Bourgogne for kids age

© BIVB / DR. (My Adventure ! )

 “A moi l’aventure !” (My Adventure !) is a games set that will delight children aged 3-10. It includes two puzzles, 30 question cards about the Bourgogne (with true/false and I agree/I disagree answers) and a game of pairs.
These games will introduce your children to the riches of the Bourgogne, whether it's the grape varietals used, the tools used in the vines, the aromas and flavors found in Bourgogne appellations or the local wildlife.

This game, in both English and French, is available in certain cellars to entertain your children while you enjoy your tasting.

You can also buy it from our online boutique.

- The version for 3-10 year-olds with two puzzles, a game of pairs and a set of question/answer cards along with two games booklets : €28.70 euros including taxes (RRP)

- The version for 7-10 year-olds, with question/answer cards : €14.35 including taxes (RRP)


Download these games to keep your children busy

Download these games to keep your children busy


Are you heading to the Bourgogne region for a few days ? Do you want to visit some cellars ? Is it raining and do your children have nothing to do ? Here is a simple and free solution !

Download our games files (in French only) to entertain your children aged 6-10. There’s something for everyone : coloring, crosswords, spot the differences, put the story in the right order – they will discover what happens in the vines and cellars of the Bourgogne, while having fun !

To them, it’s something fun to do. To you, it’s a few moments of peace !