Find the right recipe to reveal the aromas of your Bourgogne wine

The delicate and distinctly different aromas of Bourgogne wines will enchant your palate and enhance any dish you serve. Thanks to the diversity of the many AOCs the region has to offer, Bourgogne wines can be paired with all kinds of cuisine, in France and around the world.
Below, you will find a wide variety of recipes for some unusual food and wine pairings. From appetizers to desserts, you can concoct the ideal meal to serve with your favorite Bourgogne wines.
These quick and easy original recipes are perfect for family gatherings, suppers with friends, or a romantic tête-à-tête. You will delight your guests with delicious dishes that perfectly pair with your Bourgogne wines.


Special tapas

For an unexpected cocktail with friends or a romantic meal for two, awaken your senses with these original recipes. Twenty minutes is all it takes to prepare this unexpected interlude and accompany it with a Bourgogne wine, the ideal partner for this interlude.

► Starters

To begin your meal and delight your guests, try out one of these eight recipes, each one a perfect match for your Bourgogne wines.

► Meat dishes

Whether you prefer beef, duck, or chicken, here is a fresh take on 10 recipes offering some deliciously unusual flavors that won’t fail to impress your guests. Add a bottle of Bourgogne wine to bring out the best in them.

► Fish

Cod steaks with Chablis, sea bass and Bourgogne Chitry, or roast john dory with Pouilly Fuissé – discover the best fish and Bourgogne wine combinations through these original recipes.

World recipes

Discover our world recipes and match your dishes with a Bourgogne wine, for a journey into the world of aromas.

French daily recipes

Do you know Croque-Monsieur, Quiche Lorraine, or Stuffed tomatoes? These tasty titbits are so typical in France! A favourite in every family! Taste them and note that they’re better with a « Bourgogne touch »! 


Do you think we can’t both be vegetarian and enjoy Bourgogne wines? That’s wrong! Have a look on the veggie recipes we collected for you, and try to match them with the Bourgogne wines.

► Regional cheeses

Forget any preconceived ideas about only serving red wine with cheese. In the Bourgogne region, the diversity of the cheese on offer is only rivalled by the range of wines produced. Click here for some great cheese and wine pairing suggestions.

► Dessert

Bourgogne wines also make a great match for sweet recipes. Here are three suggestions featuring chocolate or red berries that are ideal for serving with Bourgogne wines.

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A journey into

the world of aromas