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The 2020 vintage : A great classic, the result of a unique year

According to many wine professionals in Bourgogne, the 2020 vintage is quite unique. To begin with, the conditions and context surrounding its production were relatively complicated for everyone. In addition, this year was a historically precocious one, from budburst to harvest. In the end, for many winegrowers, the results have been absolutely exceptional, and remarkably classic!

Find all the information and the Bourgogne Wine Board Press Release: here

The 2019 vintage: The magic of years ending with a “9” 

2019 was a unique and very changeable year. It brought its own stresses for a great many producers, while harvesting passed without a hitch. The end result has inspired enthusiasm amongst winemakers, surpassing expectations. The weather was hot and dry, but the wines are promising a freshness that will delight fans of Bourgogne wines, with an indulgent side to boot.Since the start of the 20th century, every vintage that has ended with a “9” has been wonderful. The only downside to this one is below-average volumes.

Find all the information and the Bourgogne Wine Board Press Release: here

Bourgogne 2018: An ideal vintage

2018 was a dream vintage, providing generous volumes and superb quality. One year after the harvest, how are the wine tasting?

Find all the information and the Bourgogne Wine Board Press Release: here

The 2017 Vintage, the epitome of Bourgogne elegance 

In 2017, everything came good for the Bourgogne winegrowing region in terms of both quality and quantity.  

Find all the information and the Bourgogne Wine Board Press Release: here


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