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The 2014 vintage in Bourgogne: All the makings of a great


The 2014 vintage in Bourgogne

After the dormant winter period, the vines returned to life in clement, warm and dry conditions. The start of the growing cycle gave an early indication of the potential harvest, despite some incidence of shatter, when the flowers fail to form fruit.
At the end of June, the weather changed, becoming cool and damp, but ripening continued nonetheless. The return of the sun and a northerly wind – the signature of September in the Bourgogne wine region – led to ideal conditions for the vines to reach full maturity. Picking began in mid-September in a serene and sunny atmosphere, and vinification unfolded without problem. The wines, which are mostly now in the bottle, confirm that 2014 in the Bourgogne wine region is an excellent vintage.



Chablisien and Auxerrois
The Chablis Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines are particularly harmonious, intense and aromatic. Their minerality underlines a very pleasant finish, and they have exceptional ageing potential.
The other white wines from the later-ripening plots are temptingly smooth, with a refreshing touch of acidity. On the nose, they reveal some very attractive aromas of citrus and white-fleshed fruits.

The Mâcon region generally produced some charming, generous wines, with good breadth. Their fruity and floral notes open onto a full-flavored mouthful.

Côte Chalonnaise
These very aromatic, moreish wines exhibit very good balance and excellent structure, with a nice crispness and tension. This suggests they will be well adapted for ageing.

Côte de Beaune
These quality wines have a very expressive nose, dominated by lemony and floral notes, accompanied by aromas of almond and dried fruits. In the mouth, they are already full and round. They still seem rather tightly wrapped, but which should open over time, and they have true ageing potential.


Subtle notes of red berries with a touch of spice can be found in these wines, which are soft and fleshy in the mouth. The smooth tannins make these very pleasant wines, with plenty of surprises to discover

Côte Chalonnaise
With some particularly fruity aromas, these wines have lovely body, with remarkable sustain in the mouth, thanks to a very tight tannic structure. Their taut finish is very pleasant, and they promise to evolve wonderfully over the years ahead.

Côte de Beaune
These wines have a deep red color. They are very expressive, with intense aromas of red berries and great finesse. In the mouth, the silky tannic framework underlines their opulence and roundedness. These wines could easily be kept for good many years.

Côte de Nuits
The Côte de Nuits produced a lovely vintage, with outstanding quality across the board. From an aromatic and gustatory point of view, the wines are charming and perfectly balanced. Their soft, silky tannins underscore some full-flavored material, and they have undeniable ageing potential.

Downloard the updated PR (Nov 2015)
Download the official PR for 2014 vintage with weather conditions (Nov 2014)


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