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Professional access

Bourgogne Week London is a key event at the beginning of the year for wine industry professionals in the UK. One might have thought the pandemic would have put a halt to the next edition of this unique week-long event that celebrates Bourgogne wines, Not al all! This year Bourgogne Week will be digital.

Winegrowers and négociants have decided that it is important to support their partners across the Channel to unveil 2019 vintage online. The British market is enjoying good growth, despite the circumstances, returning to first place in terms of exports of Bourgogne wines in May and June 2020, both by volume and in terms of revenue, another good reason to encourage all kind of promotional activities during the week.

From 11th January 2021, London will act as well as a sounding board to set forth some Appellations from Bourgogne still too much under the radar on this market.

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has developed this online guide to help wine writers, wine buyers, sommeliers, retailers, etc.  make their way to online tastings events as well as online debates and Bourgogne Week social media campaign. 

Given the recent evolutions of the sanitary situation regarding COVID-19 epidemic. Bourgogne Week 2021 will be 100% digital.
This online diary will help you find out more about 2019 vintage and also some of the less well-known appellations which will be put under the spotlight during Bourgogne Week! 

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