Bourgogne and its appellations

Petit Chablis

  • Category

    Village appellation

  • Wine-producing region


  • Coulour

    White wines only - Chardonnay (locally known as « Beaunois »)

  • Area under production*:
    1 hectare (ha) = 10,000 m2 = 24 ouvrées.
    1,108 ha.

    *In 2018

  • Appellation Village of the Chablis wine-growing region (Yonne).
    Producing communes: this appellation may be grown in any of the communes within the delimited area of the Chablis wine-growing district.

Wine Characteristics - Petit Chablis


White: this wine is a brilliant pale gold, the colour of rye-straw, sometimes flecked with green. Its aromas are of white flowers (may, acacia) mixed with citrussy notes (lemon, grapefruit) over a mineral base (gun-flint). Notes of peach and other white-fleshed fruits are sometimes encountered. The mouth is light and lively with well-balanced acidity. A spirited attack soon yields to a likeable roundess. A touch of saltiness (iodine) is characteristic.
Freshness, body and persistence come together to form a harmonious whole. The wine is drunk young, ideally after two years.

Wine Steward’s Tip - Petit Chablis

Steward’s Tip

White: despite being born far from the sea, Petit Chablis has a tang of ozone about it which calls for oysters, raw fish, and prawns (raw, grilled, or in sauce). It also makes a willing partner for small river fish (fried), grilled sardines, and numerous other fish species. But above all it is its frisky and energetic character which constitutes its charm. It is masterly with fried eggs and omelettes, as it tames their heaviness in the mouth. In the same way, it lends definition to tripe sausages (andouillettes) and snails (escargots). Goat cheese is perfectly at ease with its roguish appeal, as are pressed or hard cheeses such as Gouda or Gruyère. Its freshness and simplicity make it an ideal wine for summer salads or as a pre-dinner drink - try serving it with savory puff pastries (gougères).
Serving temperatures:  8°C as a pre-dinner drink,9 to 10°C with food.

Situation - Petit Chablis


The vineyards of the Petit Chablis appellation lie on either side of the river Serein. This AOC was instituted in 1944. It is one of the jewels in the crown of the Chablis region which forms the “golden gate” to Bourgogne. A Chardonnay wine through and through, Petit Chablis has, in fact, nothing “little” about it.

Terroirs - Petit Chablis


These carefully selected terroirs occupy the higher portions of the winegrowing slopes or the edge of the plateau. The soils are brown and derived from hard limestones, with patches of sandy silts. Altitudes: mostly between 230 and 280 metres, with various exposures.

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