Bourgogne and its appellations

Bourgogne Montrecul

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    Regional appellation ; Dénomination Géographique Complémentaire

  • Wine-producing region


  • Coulour

    Red and rosé wine: Pinot Noir 

  • Red: 5 hectares

  • The Bourgogne Montrecul or Bourgogne En Montrecul Régionale appellation is reserved for still red, white, and rosé wines produced in an area of Dijon that was defined in 1993.

Wine Characteristics - Bourgogne Montrecul


The reds have a dark garnet color with highlights ranging from dark purple to ruby red. On the nose, there are notes of blackcurrant, rose, peony, and pepper, with touches of fresh tobacco, fig and red fruit. In the mouth, it is dense and structured, with crisp, polished tannins. The finish is seductive with fruit and saline touches and good length, giving rise to a full, indulgent sensation.

Wine Steward’s Tip - Bourgogne Montrecul

Steward’s Tip

Red: The silky texture of the fruit and the structure allow this wine to be paired with grilled poultry, grilled or roasted beef, lamb, or duck. Add a gratin of lentils, squash, or mushroom and serve with a reduced jus for even greater harmony.
Serving temperature: 15-17°C.

Situation - Bourgogne Montrecul


The wines of Bourgogne Montrecul are located on a hillside to the west of Dijon. “Montrecul” is one of the rare Régionale appellation Climats that is allowed to put its name on wine labels. It proudly embodies the renaissance of the historic Climats of Dijon, which had some 1,200 hectares of wine until the 19th century.

Terroirs - Bourgogne Montrecul


The vines grow on an east-facing slope at between 257-307m above sea level, at the northern end of the Côte de Nuits. The slope descends down to the city, with a 13% slope, no doubt behind the name “Montrecul”, which refers to a steep slope.

The soil is made up of limestone rock with relatively soft white oolite from the Bathonian stage. This is covered by gravel and stratified slope deposits mixed with clay and red sandy loam, giving rise to fairly deep brown limestone soil.

Appellations Régionales, explained by Jean-Pierre Renard

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