How to read a wine label

How to read a wine label

"It's not always easy to read a wine label, and yet it is the starting point for finding out what you are buying and especially what you are drinking. Some of the information included on wine labels is compulsory, whilst some is optional. It’s not just there to look pretty!
Compulsory wording relates to a series of objectives with regard to quality and information. Governed by EU regulations, it provides clear guidance for consumers.
Optional text provides additional information. In the Bourgogne region, this includes details of the history of the wine in question, such as where it comes from, how it was produced, its vintage, and perhaps the name of its buyer.
This information tells you exactly what wine you’ve selected, where it comes from, and when it was produced, ensuring you get the kind of tasting experience you want." (In French only) 

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Added on 04 December 2018

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