“Bourgogne, the birthplace of terroir”

“Bourgogne, the birthplace of terroir”

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) invites you to take a sneak peek of its latest video creation, “Bourgogne, the birthplace of terroir”. This eight-minute film shows how geology has shaped the landscape we see today, and the patchwork of plots that are the Climats.

Through some unique 3D animations, you will be witness to the formation of this unique and exceptional winegrowing region from the Jurassic to the present day.

It all began in the Jurassic period, between 135 and 195 million years ago, when layers of marl and limestone marine sediment were laid down. Erosion during the Ice Age then produced the brown clay-limestone soils we see today. And it is in such soils that the vines’ roots draw all the finesse, richness, and minerality that is so characteristic of Bourgogne wines.

“Bourgogne, the birthplace of terroir” was selected for the 24th Oenovidéo wine-themed cinema festival at the Imaginarium in Nuits-Saint-Georges, and won the prize for the most inventive film. The awards ceremony will be held on 17 October, after which date the film will be made available for general viewing.

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Added on 02 November 2017

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