The Bourgogne Road-Trip - Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois

Road trip Côtes du Couchois

Our journey continues to the south of the Côte de Beaune, to discover the Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois vineyard, on the left bank of the Dheune, which separates it from the Côte Chalonnaise to the east. This very fragmented vineyard offers a multitude of landscapes where wash-houses, Romanesque churches, castles, menhirs... rub shoulders along numerous hiking trails, without forgetting a rich architectural heritage dating from the medieval period. It offers 100% red wines of character, the Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois, with a fruity and floral personality, delicate and generous at the same time, to discover absolutely!

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Added on 14 October 2022

Road trip Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois Bourgogne wine