2021 vintage in Bourgogne: A close care throughout

Vintage 2021 Bourgogne wine

The 2021 vintage was a challenge for winegrowers right up until the very last day. From the frost in April, made worse by a very early start to the winegrowing season, right through to the September harvest, it was characterized by some brutal shifts in the weather. Winegrowers had to be extremely reactive and attentive. The only moment of respite came with flowering, which was ideal for fruit formation, and véraison, which was accompanied by sunshine from mid-August. In the end, hard work was rewarded with success, low volumes aside. Indeed, while conveying his hope that the 2022 vintage will offer an easier ride, François Labet, co-president of the BIVB confirmed his opinion that, “Small is beautiful!” Isabelle Meunier, a member of the Cave de Lugny and a member of the board of the Union des Producteurs et Vins de Mâcon (UPVM), recalls this exhausting year.

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Added on 14 October 2022

Vintage 2021 Bourgogne wine