The Bourgogne Road-Trip - Bourgogne Tonnerre

Road trip en Bourgogne Tonnerre

In the northwest of Chablis, you’ll find the Bourgogne Tonnerre appellation. The vines grow by the Armançon river, between Auxerre and Troyes, mid-way between the Chablis and Champagne regions. Surrender to the charms of the city of Tonnerre, with its patrimonial treasures such as the Hôtel Dieu (Hospital), or the mysterious Fosse Dionne (an underground spring)... The Bourgogne Tonnerre region offers many activities linked to the vines, the stones, and water. This vineyard is dedicated to white wines, the Bourgogne Tonnerre, which are typical, confidential and pretty rare. A place you must visit!

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Added on 22 August 2022

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