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Domaine de La Sarazinière - Trebignaud Philippe et Guillaume


This family-run estate is located 10km south of Mâcon. It covers 10 hectares, planted with Gamay, Chardonnay, and Bourgogne Aligoté. The vines are aged 60 years on average, with some plots as old as 80. Grapes are harvested manually when they reach optimum ripeness.
The estate’s white wines include Mâcon Bussières, Mâcon Bussières Cuvée Claude Seigneuret, and Bourgogne Aligoté Clos des Bruyères. Reds include Mâcon Bussières Tradition and Mâcon Bussières Cuvée Les Devants.
The aim is to allow vinification to occur naturally in respect for the terroir, without the addition of any yeasts, enzymes, or other modifying elements. These are natural wines and as such, sometimes small deposits may be found in the bottles.

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