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Domaine de la Bruyère


The Château de la Bruyère is located at Igé, in the heart of the Mâconnais, on a former feudal holding of the Abbey of Cluny (12th century). Here our grapes ripen on sunny limestone hillsides. Since 2011, the estate has been owned by the WALTHER family, who have extended their holdings to more than 30 hectares. We produce quality wines and have won a good reputation among wine-lovers, in France and abroad. Our grapes come mainly from vines over 60 years old, which yield wines of admirable subtlety. We produce white, red and rosé and crémant wines, categories very different one from another. We use traditional wine-making techniques, supervised by a specialist. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe, the process is temperature controlled, and our old-vine wines are aged in oak barrels. Wine-tastings are held at the Château.

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