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Domaine Cordonnier Philippe


“The first winemaker in the family!”
The Domaine Philippe Cordonnier is located in the village of Corgoloin in the Bourgogne winegrowing region. Unusually here, Philippe Cordonnier is not from a family of winemakers. But when he was young, he learned from an old winemaker. He planted his own vines and managed every part of the process from grape to bottle. He trained in Beaune and developed his knowledge by working with several Bourgogne estates. Then in 2009, he created his own estate, producing his first cuvées in 2015. The estate now covers 2.5 hectares and is cultivated in a sustainable fashion with the utmost respect for the terroir. No chemical weedkillers or insecticides are used, and the soil is turned over. He keeps his grapes natural, using an organic approach, allowing you to appreciate all the flavors of Bourgogne wine.

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