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The 2020 vintage: At light speed

After early and fast budburst, mid-flowering is set to take place around May 20-25. The 2020 vintage is thumbing its nose at the lockdown and is already beating records.

Young grape of Chardonnay

Temperatures during the first fortnight in March were above normal, triggering an early start to the growing season across the whole of Bourgogne. The first green shoots were observed as early as 18 March for the Chardonnays. The mild weather then continued, and the Pinot Noirs followed close behind on 23 March.

However, a powerful anticyclone from Scandinavia then brought a mass of cold, dry air to the region, causing temperatures to fall considerably. The growth cycle then began to slow. But temperatures picked up once again in early April and rose above seasonal averages from the 5th of the month, which led to very quick budburst.

The estimated date of mid-budburst stage (with 50% green tips) put 2020 among the earliest-starting vintages. It is, on average, a week ahead of the 2019 vintage, regardless of varietal. The temperature, which has stayed well above seasonal averages, has led to an explosion of vegetation. After the cooler weather seen in the last few days of April, progress was two to three weeks ahead of 2019, depending on the sector and varietal.

The first flowers have now appeared, and for the moment, the 2020 vintage is one of the earliest ever seen in Bourgogne.