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News - La Cave aux Arômes

What’s going on in your favorite vineyard ? Where will you be spending next weekend with your friends ?
This section keeps you in touch with all the latest news and upcoming events involving Bourgogne wines.
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La Cave aux Arômes

A unique trip to the heart of Bourgogne wines

Cave aux arômes des Vins de Bourgogne

An original interactive concept, the Cave aux Arômes des Vins de Bourgogne (an exhibition dedicated to the aromas you can find in Bourgogne wines) takes your senses on a fascinating journey through the appellations of Bourgogne.

During this stimulating and educational olfactory trip, you will learn to distinguish different aromatic families. It will immerse you in a range of emotions, whether delicious childhood memories (grandmother’s jam, gathering mushrooms on a Sunday), or more contemporary moments (a fragrance in the street, an unforgettable encounter).

A palette of subtle aromas to awaken your senses

This delightful exhibition brings to life 12 aromatic families of Bourgogne wines - white blossom, red fruit, citrus, spices, and undergrowth - both visually and through the sense of smell.

Your sensorial initiation goes step by step. After the sense of sight, your nose comes into play. The natural elements which each family represents (fruit, pieces of leather, flowers, etc.) catch the attention and give off easily identifiable aromas.
Your emotional memory will easily associate what you can see with the aromas you can smell. You are now ready to take on a tasting!

Heralded by wine professionals for its educational qualities, the exhibition is first and foremost an invitation to play with your senses. It is aimed at people of all ages, both wine-lovers and those simply curious and in search of an amazing sensorial experience.

Find out the next dates:
• 14 au 17 november : Caves Patriarche, Beaune (21)
• 15 au 17 november : 147ème Fête des Grands Vins de Bourgogne, Beaune (21)
• 16 et 17 november : Domaine du Clos Frantin, Nuits-Saint-George (21)

A rare opportunity to plunge into the universe of Bourgogne wines, throughout France and the rest of the world, the Cave aux Arômes des Vins de Bourgogne (exhibition dedicated to the aromas you can find in Bourgogne wines) has already welcomed more than 2 million visitors.

Don’t miss it next time it comes near you!


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