Festival d'Automne Jazz O'Verre Beaune 2023 - PASS 3 JOURS - Beaune

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The 30 September 2023

Festival d'Automne Jazz O'Verre Beaune 2023 -  PASS 3 JOURS
Where to eat : Ateliers du Cinéma - Claude Lelouch 13 Boulevard Maréchal Joffre - 21200 Beaune
Price : 65 € à € Pass 3 jours
Description *: A top-notch programme kicking off with Tribu Nougaro, who will find the Lanterne Magique the perfect setting for the rich rhymes of the jazz poet.
Then off to the Ateliers du Cinéma to relive some of the finest film music with Michel Legrand and his quintet.
And then a gentle finish with Elià Bastida and her violin as she meets Scott Hamilton in the company of Joan Chamorro.
To round things off, the team of volunteers will be serving up a musical boeuf bourguignon in the company of the artists.

THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER, Lanterne Magique 8.30pm: Tribu Nougaro
Four leather balls spin in my memory, and they'll be spinning for a long, long time in yours after this show. The three accomplices evoke Claude Nougaro's poetic, societal and ecological vision, so relevant today, and remind us just how exceptional an artist and man he is and will remain. They don't imitate Claude Nougaro, they live Claude Nougaro.

Price €25 reduced to €22 for members, Pass culture jeune and music school students

FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER, Ateliers du Cinéma from 6.30pm

For the 3 concerts: Price €25 reduced to €22 for members, Young People's Culture Pass holders and music school students.
A complimentary glass, then Plates at €15

Apérijazz 6.30pm to 7.30pm: Blues & Soul Factory
This collective brings together musicians and voices who have crossed paths on Dijon's stages. With backgrounds in blues, jazz, soul, funk and rock, they've created a varied repertoire at the crossroads of black improvised music, each with their own shade of blue.

First part on stage 8-9pm: What She says Caroline Schmid 4tet
Hammond organ Caroline Schmid, Guitar Tom Juvigny, Drums Adrien Desse, Saxophone Olivier Bernard.
"What She Says' is the brainchild of Caroline Schmid, and brings together for the first time in this form musicians from Dijon, some of whom play together regularly in other bands. Olivier Bernard and Tom Juvigny make the saxophone and guitar themes their own, blending their sensitivity and the richness of their musical personalities.
The organ-drums duo provide a groovy base for the effective bass lines, enveloped by the colourful harmonies and creative drumming of Adrien Desse.

Second part 9.30pm: Quintette Michel Legrand
Claude Egea trumpet, Denis Leloup trombone, Hervé Sellin piano, Pierre Poussaguet double bass, François Laizeau drums.
Michel Legrand is probably the most listened-to contemporary French composer in the world, thanks to the legacy he has left in the cinema. This magnificent quintet was formed in 1983, and has been magnifying the composer ever since. The images of Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway will no doubt tickle your memory on 'Les Moulins de mon Cœur', so let yourself be carried away, that's what they're there for.


Riverboat Stomper Dixieband - Quarte à pulse
The Vanessa Quartet: made up of Guillaume Houdayer (guitar), Joseph Lapchine (saxophone), Merwan Djane (double bass) and Vanessa Rodière (vocals), explores and rearranges jazz standards ranging from swing and blues to Latin rhythms (bossa nova, samba, etc.) in their original language, with the authenticity that Vanessa's warm, deep voice brings.
Born to be a swing is an obvious choice for these four passionate musicians, each of whom comes from a different background.
Influenced by jazz, flamenco, New Orleans, French chanson and American standards, it's gypsy swing and the music of Django Reinhardt that brings them together this time.
Their aim is to bring you energy, joy and emotion by approaching this style with simplicity and good humour.
Tony el Flaco Guitar - Thierry Blang Double bass - Samuel Vaivrand WashBoard - Serge Chamoy Accordion

Les Manches à Cordes: Manu Lévèque, Damien Fliniaux and Franck Mennegazzi, who played to great acclaim in April, form a unique trio that tinkers, tinkers and recycles essential melodies. Their music is addictive, festive, passionate, a touch nostalgic but always joyful. The gypsy style of Django Reinhardt is very much in evidence, but so is Cuban music and funk, because it swings and grooves, and you won't regret it.

Gadjo Divio, a guitar and clarinet trio with a lively swing, will be covering the great tunes of the gypsy repertoire in their own way.

At Les Ateliers du Cinéma from 6.30pm:

For the 3 concerts: Price €25 reduced to €22 for members, Pass culture jeune and music school students.
Complimentary glass, Plates €15

Apérijazz 6.30pm to 7.30pm: Jazz'On Trio
Luc Bouhalem on drums, Benoit Lallement on double bass and Bernard Magnier on piano - three excellent musicians you've already met on the Ateliers du Cinéma stage - will be leading the aperitif jazz and will be on hand for the musical jam to accompany the Burgundian beef at the end of the evening. These are definitely jazzmen you can count on.

First part on stage 8.30pm to 9.30pm: BLOOM
3 voices, double bass and drums. The choice of a minimalist rhythm section gives this vocal and acoustic project an astonishing and unique sound: voices free of all originality dare to venture where they are not expected. Each member's musical universe blends together to create music that is by turns exhilarating, rhythmic and refined .....

Second part 10pm: Elià Bastida (violin) invites Scott Hamilton (saxophone) and Joan Chamorro (double bass) trio
Èlia Bastida - violin and voice
Scott Hamilton - tenor saxophone
Joan Chamorro - double bass
Marc Martín - piano
Arnau Julia - drums


A quintet (with Marc Martin on piano and Arnau Julia on drums) will be taking to the stage at Les Ateliers.
An atypical line-up where the virtuosity of Elia Bastida on violin, who is taking off after 8 years with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, and the mastery of Joan Chamorro on double bass will frame the incomparable sound of Scott Hamilton's tenor sax, a sweetness that is uniquely his own, inspired by his rich heritage (Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster). A meeting of two generations of jazz, not to be missed under any circumstances.

We'll finish off with a Burgundian jam session led by the Jazz'On Trio, who will be on hand to accompany all those who volunteer to play or sing...

Please note: reservations for the boeuf bourguignon must be made by email to jazzoverrebeaune@gmail.com and paid for on the door.
Contact : Jazz O'Verre Beaune

Other dates :
- The 28 September 2023 od 19h30 at 23h00
- The 29 September 2023 od 17h30 at 23h00
- The 30 September 2023 od 11h00 at 13h00

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