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Few regions express the notion of “wine civilization” as well as Bourgogne.
Here, wine is the bedrock of traditions and skills handed down through the generations.
Whether you are a confirmed wine-buff or simple enthusiast keen to stimulate the tastebuds,
wine professionals have dreamt up a thousand different ways to initiate you into the secrets of the land the magic of vinification. From north to south, from Chablis to Mâcon, winemakers and merchants await, ready to share a convivial moment. Go on a journey of discovery of these prestigious wines. Whether a tasting in a cellar, a hike through the vineyards, a concert in a winery, a picnic in the vines, or even a running race along the Route des Grand Cru, we invite you to share the passion of the men and women who shape this
unique wine region.

The 24 June 2023

Elégance des Volnay
Hours : Le samedi 24 juin à partir de 10h
Where to eat : Place de la Mairie - 21190 Volnay
Price : 15 € à € KIT (verre, chapeau, carnet) pour accéder à la dégustation publique de 10h à 17h30
Description *: The "Elégance des Volnay" association, which brings together numerous producers, has been organising a day of promotion for the Volnay appellation since 2005 with the support of the Organisation de Défense et de Gestion (ODG) and the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne (BIVB).

In 2023 Chantal Lafarge, the new president of the association, will welcome a female personality from the world of wine or an enlightened wine lover who will chair the day and become an ambassador for the wines of Volnay. The aim of this event is to promote the Volnay appellation to professionals and the general public by focusing on two essential points: elegance and femininity, and also to promote our terroirs.

Throughout the day, various speakers will take part in the event, such as Françoise Vannier, geologist, Jacky Rigaux, French author specialised in wine terroirs and wine tasting, as well as Volnay winegrowers and great ambassadors such as Dominique Loiseau, Claudie Haignere, Amanda Sthers, Mathilda May, Valérie Perrin, Julie Depardieu and Ludivine Griveau.

Course of the day:
- 10am to 5.30pm - Place de la mairie - Public tasting of Volnay village and Volnay 1er Crus from the member winegrowers (paying purchase of a kit without registration).
- 10:30 am - 8 rue de la chapelle - The president and an all-female audience will blindly taste a panel of Volnay 1er crus from the same vintage.
- 12pm to 2pm - This tasting ends with a buffet which is offered (on registration - 100 people maximum - free).
- 3pm - Meeting point and departure at the Place de la mairie - Guided tour and landscape reading by Françoise Vannier, geologist, who will explain the diversity and characteristics of the terroirs of Volnay 1er crus (on registration - free).
- 6:30 to 7:30 pm - At the top of the Volnay hill - take the rue du Mont - Aperitif Champêtre on the hill and planting of a vine by the president (open to the public - free).

Capacity: 800
Registration required
06 80 66 52 93
06 80 66 52 93

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