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Ateliers du vin - 2018 - Nuits-saint-georges

Few regions express the notion of “wine civilization” as well as Bourgogne.
Here, wine is the bedrock of traditions and skills handed down through the generations.
Whether you are a confirmed wine-buff or simple enthusiast keen to stimulate the tastebuds,
wine professionals have dreamt up a thousand different ways to initiate you into the secrets of the land the magic of vinification. From north to south, from Chablis to Mâcon, winemakers and merchants await, ready to share a convivial moment. Go on a journey of discovery of these prestigious wines. Whether a tasting in a cellar, a hike through the vineyards, a concert in a winery, a picnic in the vines, or even a running race along the Route des Grands Crus, we invite you to share the passion of the men and women who shape this
unique wine region.

The 03 February 2018

Ateliers du vin - 2018
Hours : Du 02/02/2018 au 01/12/2018 le premier samedi de chaque mois de 10h à 12h sur réservation préalable. Autre date possible, nous consulter.
Where to eat : Office de Tourisme de Nuits-Saint-Georges 3 rue Sonoys - 21700 Nuits-saint-georges
Price : € à € hors repas, transport et assurance
Description : Take your first steps in tasting the wines of the Pays de Nuits-Saint-Georges - every first Saturday of the month!
Imagine it is 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning. In the intimate setting of a winery at Nuits-Saint-Georges, a tasting workshop is just beginning and you are present. You are about to embark on your voyage of discovery of Bourgogne wines. You will learn to recognise terroirs and vintages as you study 5 appellations, under the watchful eye of your teacher. You delight in the brightness of Chardonnay as you swirl it gently round your glass; Pinot Noir yields up its secrets to you. You are carried away by a whirlwind of sensations, which you can now put a name to. You have been initiated into the mysteries. And for some immediate practice, an appointment is made for your to visit an estate at 2.30 that afternoon, for some wine-tasting with a grower.
Bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance, by phone on 03 80 62 11 17 or on line at
If there are not enough participants, the Office de Tourisme may cancel the workshop and offer you another date, or direct you to another estate.
Master the terroirs and vintages of the Pays de Nuits-Saint-Georges in two hours with our oenologist, by studying 5 appellations.
Contact : Office de Tourisme du Pays de Nuits-Saint-Georges
03 80 62 11 17
03 80 62 11 17

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