Arômes des caves à l'Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices Civils de Beaune - Beaune

Few regions express the notion of “wine civilization” as well as Bourgogne.
Here, wine is the bedrock of traditions and skills handed down through the generations.
Whether you are a confirmed wine-buff or simple enthusiast keen to stimulate the tastebuds,
wine professionals have dreamt up a thousand different ways to initiate you into the secrets of the land the magic of vinification. From north to south, from Chablis to Mâcon, winemakers and merchants await, ready to share a convivial moment. Go on a journey of discovery of these prestigious wines. Whether a tasting in a cellar, a hike through the vineyards, a concert in a winery, a picnic in the vines, or even a running race along the Route des Grand Cru, we invite you to share the passion of the men and women who shape this
unique wine region.

The 13 July 2024

Arômes des caves à l'Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices Civils de Beaune
Hours : Les samedis 8, 22 juin, 13 juillet, 14 et 21 septembre, de 15h à 17h
Where to eat : Hôtel-Dieu - Hospices Civils de Beaune 2 Rue de l'Hôtel-Dieu - 21200 Beaune
Price : 19 € à € 18 ans et plus
Description *: Since 2023, the Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices Civils de Beaune has been exploring a theme linked to the history of the building. After HOSPITALITY, CHARITY is the main theme of the 2024 programme. Exhibitions, workshops, themed tours, starlit nights and escape games are an invitation to take a different look at this hospital heritage.

For the Mois des Climats, the Ateliers des sens (workshops for the senses) are available in two formats: Arômes des caves (cellar aromas) and Pilates olfactif (olfactory pilates). Hosted by Marie-France Bravard, creator of the Ateliers Vins & Parfums, Patrick Délémontey, a sports educator, and a mediator from the Hôtel-Dieu, these visits and workshops offer a different approach to the site, drawing on all the senses, including the sense of smell! It's a sensitive experience that tells the story of the Climats du vignoble de Bourgogne and that of the Hôtel-Dieu, its wine estate and its hospital heritage. The tour-workshops combine visits with hands-on experience of perfume and sport in the historic areas of the Hôtel-Dieu.

Workshop 2 > Cellar aromas
The visit-workshop takes place in the former cellars of the Hôtel-Dieu of the Hospices Civils de Beaune, and develops the following themes: the Climats de Bourgogne, the wine-growing estate of the institution, its evolution and its registration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Climats de Bourgogne. The first part of the tour is devoted to a visit to the historic wine-growing areas of the Hôtel-Dieu, punctuated by olfactory exercises led by Marie-France Bravard. In the site's former cellars and vat room, the tour is led by a mediator from Hôtel-Dieu, who discusses the concept of "climate", the history of Burgundy winegrowing and the place of the Hospices Civils de Beaune estate in this heritage. The second part of the tour is a multi-sensory workshop led by Marie-France Bravard. To discover the fragrances of the Hospices Civils de Beaune wine estate, she combines the methods of a perfumer, by olfying raw materials and memorising scents, with those of an oenologist, by blind tasting nectars and jams to explore 6 key aromas of the estate's wines.

Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 25 people
Registration recommended
Contact : Hôtel-Dieu - Hospices Civils de Beaune

Other dates :
- The 08 June 2024 od 15h00 at 17h00
- The 22 June 2024 od 15h00 at 17h00
- The 14 September 2024 od 15h00 at 17h00
- The 21 September 2024 od 15h00 at 17h00

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