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Bourgogne wines want to hear it from you!

Join the “Speaker Corner” movement and share your experiences involving Bourgogne wines.

Share your experiences with us!

Enjoyed in 177 territories, rich in history dating back 2,000 years, vinified by thousands of winegrowers and négociants, Bourgogne wines symbolize the notion of sharing perhaps more than any other product. And this was the driver behind the creation of the website. 


A place to express yourself about Bourgogne wines

Speakers’ Corner is a place where each contributor can select the format they prefer for sharing their experience. As such, a winegrower from Moroges might choose a text format to describe their 2019 vintage (in French), while an artist from Marsannay-la-Côte might choose a photograph to showcase their work. One might also discover videos, podcasts, and even songs!

Many wine lovers, bloggers, and journalist  have already been sharing their experiences – why not check out their stories right away? Then, take the plunge yourself! Whether you’re a long-term wine buff or recent convert, tell us about your Bourgogne wine experiences. Send us your experiences, tasting notes, memoires, writings, images, or videos…


How to take part?

There are two ways to get involved:
- Head over to Speakers’ Corner and check out “What they are saying about Bourgogne wines” and the portraits of each contributor

- Search Instagram for #MaTribuneBourgogne. Use it yourself, this is a great way to discover or share some wonderful shots of bottles, tastings, food and wine combinations, and winegrowers.