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A unique status granted to wine

Vin & Société has just presented its new survey dedicated to your wine consumption occasions. This is a real wealth of information that allows us to better understand your habits and offer you content that always meets your expectations and desires!

Vin & Societe

Did you know, for example, that more than 7 out of 10 people believe that a quality meal is the best opportunity to drink wine?
Wine is increasingly associated with sharing, conviviality and the pleasure of being together.
This survey also tells us about the typical consumer profiles that have changed over the past few years.
Of course, at the top of the ranking we find lovers of traditional dishes, fine dining, BBQ or other sweet pleasures; for whom accompanying their meals with a glass of wine is an obviousness.
Certainly influenced by the habits of young working people, we are seeing the emergence of new consumption trends for categories of profiles previously identified as “marginal”. Thus, vegetarians, lovers of street food or aperitifs, accompany their dishes with more than 60% wine!
Other interesting points, red wine is mostly preferred to white wine and the price is the 1st or 2nd criterion considered when choosing the bottle, most of the time even before the appellation or the wine region.
Only lovers of gastronomy declare that they “know about wine”. (Perfect then, for the majority of you, we can still teach you two or three little things about Bourgogne wines!