News - 90 minutes is all it takes to become an expert in Bourgogne wines!

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90 minutes is all it takes to become an expert in Bourgogne wines!

First dedicated for the wine industry professionnals, the e-learning is now available to all!

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“Discovering Bourgogne Wines” is a tool that is based on the expertise and skills of the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) and the region’s winegrowers and négociants. It offers participants the chance to follow an online learning course lasting just under 90 minutes.

Available in four languages, it allows wine lovers and industry professionals alike to evaluate their knowledge, learn, and have fun, through videos, 360° photos, experiences, quizzes, and so much more.

Principally aimed at wine industry professionals, including restaurateurs, winestore owners, importers, and agents, it is available from all the BIVB’s Bourgogne Wines websites.

Learning made easy :

  • Interactive: A range of sections with a points system to test and evaluate your understanding
  • Available: Can be adapted to suit the needs, availability, and knowledge of each participant
  • High quality: Used, tested, reviewed, and approved by professionals over a decade
  • Open to all: Available in French, English, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Learning organized through four key themes

Discovering Bourgogne Wines: Cement your understanding of the region through a program dedicated to the terroir, varietals, and appellations of Bourgogne. 

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