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Information about the publisher

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Publication manager: Christian Vanier, Manager of the BIVB

The team of the web division: The editorial design, the checking of facts and of the pertinence of the published information, and the technical maintenance and updating of the site are carried out by the BIVB web division under the responsibility of Florence Ragonneau


Protection and processing of personal data

BIVB - 12 boulevard bretonnière à Beaune

The BIVB is particularly careful to respect legal obligations incumbent upon all internet site publishers and follows the recommendations of the CNIL, (the French Data Protection Authority).

Respecting current legislation

The  website respects the private life of internet users and strictly adheres to current legislation on private life and individual liberties. No personal information is collected without your knowledge. No personal information is communicated to third parties. No email, electronic addresses and other personal information provided for this site is used and is only stored whilst being processed.

Personal data:
The BIVB and the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne undertake that the collection and handling of your data via the site   is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the law on data and freedoms. Each form or online service limits the collection of personal data to the strict minimum, and indicates the purposes of collecting this data; whether this data is obligatory or optional for handling your request; who has access to the information (only the BIVB or Ecole des Vins, in principle, unless stated in the form that passing information on to a third party is necessary to handle your request); your freedom of data rights and the way these can be exercised with the BIVB and the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne.

Personal data gathered as part of the services offered on   will be handled according to secure protocols and allows the BIVB and the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne to process requests received by its IT applications.

For more information about your freedom of data rights concerning the use of personal data handled by the BIVB the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne, you can contact the BIVB’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) by sending an email with the form (click here) or by regular mail accompanied by a copy of a proof of identity to the following address:
Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne
For attention of the Data Protection Officer, etc.
12 Bd Bretonnière
BP 150
21204 BEAUNE Cedex

Right of internet users: right to access and rectify data

In accordance with the provisions of law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to computers, files and liberties, internet users have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal date relating to them. This right can be exercised by writing to the following address, providing proof of identity: BIVB – Service Fichier - 12 boulevard Bretonnière – BP 150 – 21204 Beaune Cedex


Statistical data: traceability and profiling

When visiting the site, internet users leave electronic traces. This set of information is collected by a connection log called a cookie, which does not however contain any personal information.
In order to improve site ergonomics, browsing within the site, editorial content and internet user service, the statistical management tool of the  website may stock information relating to the profile of internet users: their equipment, the browser they use, the geographic origin requests issue from, the date and time of their connection to the site, the frequency with which they visit, etc. This statistical data is used for statistical extrapolations and is stored for one year.
All internet users may prevent this data being saved by modifying the way their computer’s browser is configured, which can authorise or refuse to allow cookies to be saved. You may refuse to authorise cookies or delete them without this having any effect on your ability to access the pages on the site. In order to refuse to allow cookies to be saved or to receive an alert before accepting cookies, please refer to your browser’s help section which will specify what to do.


Controller of the statistics

• _ga : Permet de distinguer les utilisateurs uniques en attribuant un numéro généré de façon aléatoire, comme un identifiant client, ceci dans le but d’établir des statistiques d’analyse d’audience.
• _gat : Utilisé pour limiter le taux de requêtes, limitant ainsi la collecte de données sur des sites à fort trafic.
• _gid : Utilisé pour stocker et mettre à jour une valeur unique pour chaque page visitée.
• __utma : Enregistre le nombre de sessions d’un internaute, la date/heure de première et dernière visite. Son rôle est surtout de distinguer les visiteurs uniques d’un site donné.
• __utmb : Gère les données de la visite en cours d’un internaute. Après son expiration, une nouvelle session est comptabilisée.
• __utmc : Cookie de session complémentaire de _utmb , il identifie la fin d’une session.
• __utmz : Utilisé pour connaître la source de trafic ou la campagne qui explique comment l'utilisateur a atteint le site.
• __utmv : Utilisé pour stocker des données personnalisée au niveau du visiteur.


Mailing lists

Electronic addresses obtained for mailing lists are only used to send information to which the internet user has expressly subscribed. It is possible to unsubscribe online at any time:


Copyright and reproduction rights of online content

Intellectual property – content reproduction
The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) is the exclusive holder of the copyright of the material on its websites. Access to these sites does not authorize the user to use any content contained on the sites.
The reproduction of documents on these websites is only authorized for private and personal use. Any reproduction or use of copies for any other purposes is expressly forbidden.
The printing or downloading of information on these sites is only authorized for personal use and not for any commercial business. Any information pertaining to copyright or ownership may not be modified. Links should be created to the site

The site allows people to create html links to its pages without authorization, on condition that:
• Deep link techniques are not employed. The pages of the website may not be embedded into the pages on a another site. They must remain visible in a separate window.
• The source providing the links must be specified using an html link on the content being viewed.
• Sites which choose to provide links to the website are responsible if their links damage the image of the public site.

Photo credits

All of the photos on the site are the property of BIVB or of their authors and are used with their kind permission.

- Armelle HUDELOT –
- Aurélien IBANEZ –
- Jean-Louis BERNUY –
- Les Studios Image & Associés –
- Michel BAUDOIN –
- Michel JOLY -
- Sébastien NARBEBURU –
- Hendrick MONNIER
- Jean-Pierre MUZARD
- PHOTONONSTOP : pour les visuels des personnages du module accord mets et vins.



Responsibility regarding links to other sites

The site contains numerous links to other sites, principally the official sites of associations, professional bodies and partner companies for selective campaigns. The addresses of these pages are checked regularly, and they do not form part of the site. They do not engage the responsibility of the site editors, who may not be held responsible for the content to which these links point. Their sole aim is to give internet users easier access to other documentary resources on the subject consulted.