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Bourgogne wines Glossary

For each appellation, maximum base yield is defined by legislation in terms of hl/ha. Subject to certain conditions, this base yield may be augmented in a given year by between 15% and 20%. The decision to do this depends on the conditions obtaining that year and the grower has to obtain permission. Base yields in Burgundy are as follows: - Grand Crus: red 35-37 hl/ha; white 40-64 hl/ha - Premier crus: red 40-45 hl/ha; white 45-68 hl/ha - Village appellations: red 40-45 hl/ha; white 45-7- hl/ha - Regional appellations: red 50-69 hl/ha; white 55-75 hl/ha Further details from INAO website www.inao,gouv.fr
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