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Bourgogne wines Glossary

(tast.) Desirable aroma found in certain burgundies, especially those matured in new wood, which contains vanillic acid.

(tast.) Taste or aroma specific to grape variety.

Related words Aroma / Odour, Grape variety
Applied to the processes whichj occur during the making of red and rosé wines (i.e. maceration and fermentation).
Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure. Until 2002 Burgundy had just one wine of this class – Sauvignon de Saint-Bris. But in 2003 it was promoted to an AOC with the appellation Saint-Bris (regional appellation).
Stage in the development of the grapes when the immature berries, red or white. begin to take on their proper colour.
Unripe grapes or juice from unripe grapes. Sometimes used in cooking or, since the 18th century, in the preparation of Dijon mustard.
Related words "Bouéchage", Earthing-up
Transformation of grapes into wine.
Related words Acerbic, White, Wine warehouse
"Vintage", properly speaking is the English version of the French word "vendange" meaning "grape-harvest" and is sometimes used in this sense. But more often it is used to translate the French word "millésime" meaning "year of harvest". So, for example, "a good vintage" may mean a good year, a good harvest, or good wine from that year/harvest.
Related words Blending

Powerfully-structured wine such as a young Pommard. An example of its opposite, a feminine wine, would be Volnay, with its suppler tannins.

Scientific name for the grape vine.
Related words Tartaric acid
Measure of the degradation of wine by acetic bacteria. Acetic acid is the main component of the wine's volatile acid content. Legal maximum 0.98 g/l H2SO4 equivalent for red wines, 0.88 g/l for whites.
Related words Acetic acid, Alcoholic fermentation, Malolactic fermentation, Bacteria


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