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Bourgogne wines Glossary

(tast.) Used to describe a wine where acidity and tannins are excessive. However, these tend to soften as the wine ages.
Related words Acerbic

(tast.) Describes a wine where the elements of mellowness, acidity and tannins are present in exactly the right proportions.

Harrowing has the same function as hoeing : destroying weeds and breaking-up crust formed on the topsoil. Nowadays, it serves above all to work fertilisers into the soil in places where there has been no earthing-up or ploughing-back

(tast.) Rough and astringent wine.

Related words Acerbic, Astringent /Astringency, Tannins
(tast.) Rough and astringent wine.
Related words Acidity, Tannic
Dates after which picking may begin are fixed each year by official decree from the Prefect's office and are known as "bans de vendange". They are determined on the strength of advice from the profession following checks on maturity such as those carried out by the BIVB's technicians. These are passed on to the relevant trade-regulatory bodies who in turn advise the Prefect.
(tast.) Delicate flower aroma found in young white wines.
Related words Aroma / Odour
(tast.) Desirable aroma in great white burgundies – Puligny-Montrachet, for example.
= Hazy, cloudy

(tast.) Wine rich in alcohol.

Related words Alcohol
(tast.) Describes not very agreeable flavours of vegetable origin: elder, grape stalks, greenery. May be due to lack of ripeness in the grapes or the presence of stalks in the must.

(tast.) During visual examination, highlights in the colour of the wine, together with brilliance may be an indicator of its acidity, age, or state of health.

(tast.) Thin, watery, lacking in structure.
(tast.) Noble aroma found in well-matured Chardonnay wines after some years in bottle.
(tast.) Refined and delicate aroma found in some white burgundies.
Related words Aroma / Odour
(tast.) Aroma found in the Pinot Noir after some years' ageing, related to other woodland aromas.
The use of hybrid grape varieties is forbidden by EU wine-making regulations.