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Bourgogne wines Glossary

As a rule this work has to be completed before the worst of the cold sets in. The soil is drawn up against the lower part of the stocks. This provides them with protection against the frost and allows the same frost to break up the exposed siol betwenn the rows.
Related words Vine
Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne. The Burgundy Wine School is an offshoot of the BIVB and runs courses for the trade and general public. 6, Rue du 16ème Chasseur, 21200 BEAUNE. E-mail: Tel.: [0]3 80 25 35 10 - Fax: [0]3 80 26 35 11

(tast.) Class of aromas connected to heat, fire or cooking (toast, caramel, chocolate, coffee, charcoal, ... )

Related words Woody, Oak / Oaky
Family of compounds produced by combination of alcohol with an organic acid. Present in wines in considerable numbers and often aromatic.
Related words Acescent,acetic,
See Alcohol
Related words Acetic acid, Aldehyde

Describes a Crémant de Bourgogne whose sugar content is less than 6 g/l.

During maceration and vinification of red wines, colouring matter and aromas are extracted from the skins (and stalks if these are included).


another word for bud.