I'm looking for a wine for each dish

You have selected your recipe, you’re going to cook a tempting dish.
But which Bourgogne wine should you choose ? 
Select a type of dish to see our wine suggestions. Several proposals will help you to explore our wine region at your own pace.

Let us guide you. Every recipe and every wine pairing will reveal all the subtleties of Bourgogne wines. Follow your desires and discover how the delicate and varied aromas of Bourgogne wines will enhance every dish you prepare. There’s no need for prior experience in order to savor the exceptional aromatic diversity that is so characteristic of Bourgogne wines.

Give free rein to your senses and experience all kinds of emotions. You will be amazed at all the different potential combinations. With some 84 AOCs, in red, white, sparkling, and even rosé, Bourgogne wines are crying out to be paired with all kinds of cuisine, both from France and from farther afield.

You will appreciate the lively and delicate bubbles of Crémant de Bourgogne wines, which will delight your friends as you raise your glasses in a toast. Or you can sample the harmony of some unique white wines with their floral notes and aromas of fresh fruit and citrus. Created from the Chardonnay grape, they draw their unique personalities from each plot. Let yourself be seduced by delicate red wines, underscored with the discreet aromas of black berries and spice, reflecting a perfect marriage of terroir with the single varietal of Pinot Noir.

I am looking for a wine to go with my menu

I am looking for a wine to go with my menu

There are no wines that correspond to your selection.

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