I'm looking for a dish for each wine

You want to taste a particular bottle of Bourgogne ?
Find the dish which goes perfectly with it. Choose a type of wine and we will provide several recommendations, from the more classic combinations to some quite unexpected ones.

I’m looking for the best dishes to go with my wine

I’m looking for the best dishes to go with my wine

And how about inviting your friends to join you on this trip? It will be a lot of fun getting ready to welcome them. But you no doubt have lots of questions. What will you cook? And what wine will you serve? Everything will be fine but pay attention. What about that lovely bottle of Bourgogne wine you’ve been carefully keeping? The time to enjoy it has finally come. It’s all about finding the right traveling companion. If you’ve already planned your menu, it will be easy to find a Bourgogne wine to transform your dinner into a success and impress your friends.

This is where you’ll learn how to play the chords that will set the aromas to music. Listen to the sound of popcorn popping on the sunny surface of your crème brûlée, in time to the bubbles in a Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs. Imagine the duo a deliciously smooth and vibrant white wine would make with the creamy texture of the fish you will prepare. And where are these notes of coffee and juniper coming from? From this spiced rib roast en croute or from one of those marvelous velvety or robust red Bourgogne wines? Your friends will love this sensorial symphony…


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