Salmon sushi

Salmon sushi, rolls
  • 1

    Rinse the rice under cold water. Drain thoroughly and put into a large lidded saucepan with the piece of nori.

  • 2

    Pour over 550ml water. Bring the water to the boil and allow it to simmer for about 25 minutes or until nearly all the water has been absorbed.

  • 3

    Remove the pan from the heat, cover with a lid and allow it to stand for 10 minutes.

  • 4

    Tip the rice on to a large, flat, clean tray – a metallic one is probably best as it will help the rice cool down quicker.

  • 5

    Dress the rice with the mirin, sugar and salt, turning frequently as this helps the rice to cool. Then cool with a fan or a magazine until the rice is room temperature

  • 6

    To make the sushi: take a Japanese bamboo sushi mat covered in clingfilm and place a sheet of nori sushi on top. Have a small bowl of water to hand.

  • 7

    Dip your fingers in the water before you touch the rice. Spread the rice over three quarters of the seaweed, take a little rice at a time and push it to the edges,

  • 8

    leaving a layer about 5mm thick. Leave plain the quarter furthest from you.

  • 9

    Smear a little wasabi in a line just off centre, nearer to you. Follow with a layer of salmon, a spring onion and a piece of cucumber.

  • 10

    Roll up the bamboo mat slowly, tucking in the closer end of the sushi roll as you go, and pressing lightly with both hands.

  • 11

    Remove the roll from the mat and leave to sit with the joining edges downwards. Repeat with the other four sheets.

  • 12

    Wrap in clingfilm and keep in a cool place until you are ready

  • It’s ready!

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