Oysters Saint-Hubert style (bishop of Avranches)

Oysters Saint-Hubert style (bishop of Avranches)
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    Open the oysters, discard the first water and place on an oven dish.

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    Wait for the oysters to produce their second water. Open the mussels in a saucepan with the celery and bay leaf.

  • 3

    Sweat the chopped shallots with the pommeau in a saucepan. Reduce the mixture until almost dry. Make the mussel velouté, then bind it with a beurre manié.

  • 4

    Add the velouté to the Pommeau reduction, and reduce for a few more minutes. Add the fresh cream.

  • 5

    Remove the second layer of water from the oysters. Cover them with the mixture and bake in the oven (220°) for 15 minutes.

  • 6

    Arrange on a plate lined with coarse salt to keep the oysters in balance.

  • It’s ready!


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A beurre manié is a base for binding sauces. It's a mixture of equal parts butter and flour added to the liquid to bind it together and make the sauce... without the risk of lumps as when flour is added directly.

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  • Serves4 people
  • Preparation timePreparation: 15mn - Time of cooking: 15mn


24 oysters (if possible from Normandy)
50 cl Pommeau (an aperitif made from a blend of apple juice and
1 kg bouchot brandy)
Mussels (if possible from the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay)
3 or 4 shallots
1 stalk of celery
1 bay leaf
50 cl fresh cream (if possible from Normandy)
25 g flour
1 kg coarse salt
Salt and pepper

Wines that match