2020 vintage

This was an early year thanks to a particularly mild winter. Budburst started very early, around 20 March. After some mixed weather in the spring, flowering took place in excellent conditions. The summer was hot and dry, with a heatwave in August. The harvests began just after mid-August and continued through to early September accompanied by lovely weather. The grapes reached peak ripeness while preserving good acidity. 

pictogram white wine of Bourgogne 2020 vintage

The whites are very aromatic, marked by notes of ripe fruit and citrus. In the mouth, they are ample and balanced, with remarkable vigor. This is one of the great vintages.

pictogram red wine of Bourgogne 2020 vintage

The reds are very expressive, dominated by fruity and spicey aromas. Their structure is impressive, and they present a quality tannic structure. This is an exceptional vintage. 






Bourgogne 2020 : a classic vintage, from a unique year