2016 vintage

2016 was a truly difficult year. The start of winter was one of the mildest on record, but then temperatures dipped in March before rising well above the norm for April. The growth cycle was already underway when severe frosts hit at the end of April. The damage was significant and had a significant impact on future harvest volumes. Flowering started in mid-June and happened over the space of just a few days. It was one of the latest compared to the average over the previous ten years. Despite some downy and powdery mildew, a hot and dry period from July to September, as well as the fine weather that continued into September allowed for good levels of maturity to be reached for the harvest which began around 20 September.

pictogram white wine of Bourgogne 2016 vintage

The whites are rich and dense, with an aromatic palette marked by intense notes of ripe white- and yellow-fleshed fruit. They are fleshy in the mouth, underscored by remarkable tension and vigor. 2016: Right up there among the greats!

pictogram red wine of Bourgogne 2016 vintage

The reds, with their notes of berries, spices, and nuts, are models of the genre. They offer exemplary body and texture, along with impressive length. 2016 is a vintage that will take its time to reveal all its richness and extraordinary quality.





Bourgogne : the unforgettable 2016 vintage