2012 vintage

Despite a cold snap in February, winter finished with mild temperatures in the same way it had begun. Everything was in place for a quick start to the growth cycle. April was colder and wetter, with some early morning frost that impacted the vines. Poor weather in May upset flowering, leading to shatter and millerandage. Rain and hail caused significant damage, and the head start enjoyed at budburst was lost. Fortunately, August was fine, hot, and dry. The grapes easily reached maturity and were in perfect health when harvesting began in mid-September. 

pictogram white wine of Bourgogne 2012 vintage

The whites offer a rich and varied aromatic palette, which is evolving beautifully. In the mouth, they are both consistent and extremely elegant, with impressive length.

pictogram red wine of Bourgogne 2012 vintage

The reds, with their aromas of black berries, spices, and undergrowth, have magnificent structure and are perfectly balanced. Their structure in the mouth is remarkable. The 2012s are undoubtedly, wonderful wines for laying down.