2011 vintage

The first months of the year saw negative temperatures and higher rainfall than normal. Budburst took place in early April, ensuring 2011 was among the earliest vintages recorded to date. Flowering began in May, with a head start of around three weeks.
The rain returned in early June, with some very unsettled weather following on in July. There were frequent storms, sometimes with hail, which resulted in a lot of damage, particularly on the Côte Chalonnaise. It wasn’t until the end of August that hot and dry weather allowed the grapes to fully ripen in the earliest sectors.

pictogram white wine of Bourgogne 2011 vintage

The whites are characterized by great aromatic purity. Now reaching their peak, they express all the richness of their terroir. They are perfectly balanced and wonderfully sophisticated. 2011: A vintage full of wonderful surprises.

pictogram red wine of Bourgogne 2011 vintage

Very fruity in their youth, the reds are revealing magnificent aromas of ageing, including stone fruits, mushrooms, undergrowth, leather, and dried fruit. In the mouth they are tender and delicate. 2011: A vintage that is ready to be appreciated.