2009 vintage

Winter was particularly cold with temperatures much below seasonal norms in January and February. It wasn’t until March that this trend was reversed. With the arrival of spring, temperatures rose, encouraging the growth cycle to get underway. Budburst took place on a date close to the average for the previous 15 years. Thanks to temperatures above the norm in mid-May, flowering was fast and even across the region, with a few days’ head start in the earliest plots. After some violent storms in mid-July, hot and dry weather settled in and lasted from the end of July to mid-October. This ensured enough time for the grapes to reach perfect ripeness, especially as the grapes were in perfect health, so there was no rush to harvest. Picking took place over several weeks, from mid-September through until early October. 

pictogram white wine of Bourgogne 2009 vintage

The whites are rich, with an aromatic profile marked by intense notes of ripe fruit and wonderful evolution. In the mouth, they are rounded and fleshy, balanced by a lasting vigor. 2009: A rich vintage that should be enjoyed now. 

pictogram red wine of Bourgogne 2009 vintage

The reds are delicious for drinking now. Red and black berries have given way to a harmony of aromas combining candied fruit, spices, licorice, undergrowth, mushroom, and faded blossom. The mouth is not to be outdone, with breadth, richness, and a silky texture. 2009: A superb vintage crying out to be discovered.