When should I drink my wine ?

While some bottles of Bourgogne wine should be kept for several years in the cellar to reach their peak, others can be drunk very young.
Discover the best moment to drink your Bourgogne wine by selecting its appellation and vintage (year of harvest).

When to drink my wine

When to drink my wine

From decanting to order of tasting: how to serve my wine

You have planned to enjoy some Bourgogne wines to accompany a special occasion, from the aperitif to the dessert. To make the most of their aromatic diversity and their wealth of flavors, there are a few simple rules to respect.
Above all, keep your bottles at the right temperature before drinking. Your wine will then reveal its best side.
If it is very young, you can pour it into a carafe, but this is not a strict requirement.
Serve your wine in appropriate glasses.
Everything is in place, the sensorial journey may begin…