The Cave de Prestige

The Cave de Prestige

Since 1971, the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has been selecting those cuvées that best illustrate each AOC to represent Bourgogne in France and around the world during the BIVB’s promotional and training activities. These wines are also used by the École des Vins de Bourgogne.

For visitors to the region, this selection of wines embodies the diversity of Bourgogne wines, from Chablis to Mâcon. The Cave de Prestige of Bourgogne wines is a symbol of excellence and recognition of expertise. It is a showcase for the wines that are considered the best representatives of their AOC… so get ready to start exploring!

How are the wines selected?

To become a flag-bearer for Bourgogne wines for the period of one year, the quality of the wine must be irreproachable. The wines are tasted blind by a jury of experts, including technicians, enologists, and industry professionals. The jurors are divided up according to their expertise and are given a group of appellations to sample, awarding a score to each one. Those wines with a minimum of 16/20 go through to the next round. These exceptional wines are then sampled by a “super-jury”, which decides whether they make the cut and can be included in the Cave de Prestige.

Which wines are entered?

The selection must be representative of the 84 appellations in Bourgogne, and the geographical denominations of those Régionale appellations and Climats classed as Premier Cru.
The winegrowers and producers of Bourgogne are free to enter any wines they chose, from all vintages currently for sale.
The Cave de Prestige reflects the full diversity of Bourgogne wines. 

Can I buy these wines in stores?

Unlike the Tastevinage label, this distinction is not publicized in stores. Only the BIVB can add its medal, symbolizing excellence and the recognition of expertise on bottles it uses for the different training sessions it organizes around the world.
However, wine lovers can discover these wines at the École des Vins de Bourgogne, which uses this selection for all its training programs.
The medal can, however, be used by estates, wine houses, and cellars, on their marketing materials, such as catalogs, websites, and product information leaflets.