A trip through the vines

Your trips through the vines of the Bourgogne region

In the Bourgogne winegrowing region, it’s not just the wines that are for sharing. The heritage, culture and lifestyle involved in the wine business are equally appealing. Come and discover these prestigious, generous wines. From the north of the region to the south, négociants and winegrowers are waiting to welcome you for a tasting.
Stop off as you explore a wine trail, come and join in one of our wine-related festivities and share the passion of those men and women who shape this unique winegrowing region.
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  • From 27/11/21 to 28/11/21
    Cave ouverte au Domaine Gondard-Perrin
  • From 27/11/21 to 27/11/21
    Atelier Découverte " de la vigne aux vins de Bourgogne"
  • From 27/11/21 to 28/11/21
    Portes ouvertes et marché de Noël
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