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Bourgogne wine regaining share in some markets


The total 2015 harvest in the Bourgogne wine region was up 7% on the five-year average, which helped to build up the overall stock of available wine for the second year running. This is now equivalent to the average over the last five campaigns. It does, however, remain below the average of the last 10 campaigns. The supply of available wine with producers has relaunched certain markets which had slowed down in recent years due to lack of volume.

The area under production is growing steadily - up by around 1% per year - but yields have been adversely affected by climate events and mortality in the vines. This dual phenomenon has impacted the 2016 vintage and will once again put a brake on volumes leaving estates, especially for the hardest hit areas. On the other hand, the appellations that were unaffected have gained market share in foreign markets (United States, United Kingdom, Canada), and on French distribution circuits.

The Bourgogne wine sector has climbed back above the critical threshold of eight months’ stock on estates. Initial estimates are close to 10 months of stock for the 2015-2016 campaign. One should nonetheless remain prudent, since the Bourgogne region is once again facing a total harvest below the five-year average.

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