Vin & Société, for enjoyable, responsible drinking

Vin & Société is an association which brings together 500,000 stakeholders in the wine sector in France. Its goal is to encourage drinking habits that combine enjoyment and responsibility through targeted actions.

Reconcile the values and traditions

Wine has a central place in France’s culture and way of life.
The mission of Vin & Société is to reconcile the values and traditions wine embodies with responsible consumption to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

These passionate professionals aim to transmit the values of wine, to defend its socio-economic advantages, and to promote qualitative and responsible drinking.
To accomplish this, they maintain a permanent dialogue with the relevant authorities and representatives of civil society on all matters which relate to wine’s place in our society: lifestyle, education, culture, health, economy, politics and so on.


A vocation: education and prevention

Vin & Société is also a leitmotif: encouraging responsible behavior through education, without taboo.
To encourage everyone towards moderate drinking, synonymous with equilibrium and enjoyment, Vin & Société addresses a tailored message, according to the situation, the context and the usage.

  • You are invited over to a friend’s place, to a tasting, or simply having dinner with your children.

The Responsible Drinking Guide includes advice and tips adapted to each situation.

  • In simple and practical terms, Vin & Société relays the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning drinking limits: the pleasure of a wine is similar to that of a square of chocolate; it resides in the subtlety of a moment of enjoyment and becomes lost in excess.

The pedagogical approach of Vin & Société on an everyday basis takes two main forms: