White Burgundy. How to plan the introducing tasting.

Well Burgundy is not that big wine region but it's really huge! If you want to bring the hedonistic wine tasting, I'd recommend to take only one village and only one color (red or white) and compare different winemakers of one year or drill in the single producer comparing all available vintages beginning from the youngest. But when your aim is to introduce Burgundy briefly you’re in trouble first because of the diversity of wines and second because of the prices of the wines. For example here in Russia you pay 3-5 times more than in the cellar. You still can’t go with both colors within one tasting. I have two sessions so I didn’t need to choose. First one is white Burgundy wine tasting. Chardonnay only. Good luck is that Burgundy is not just Côte d'Or. God bless Mâconnais, Côte Chalonnaise and Chablis of course. Here you still can find great wines for affordable prices. Plus I have one bottle from Côtes de Beaune and one from Côtes de Nuits. Full house. Very attractive is to travel one way from north to south but most full-bodied wines are still from Côte-d'Or. So I travel in opposite way from south to north and to put Chablis to the beginning as the exception. If you look closer you’ll see that it’s exactly like this. Chablis is the exception in Burgundy in all the ways after all. Lucky me have both Chablis and Chablis 1er Cru Montmain which is the smooth illustration of the classification and terroir influence. For me the minerals in these wines are just perfect and kind of the reference. Mâconnais was also shown with couple of samples Mâcon-Villages and Pouilly-Fuissé. Both of them are very gastronomic and accurate. Here you want to discuss the variety signs and maybe impact of the soils and climate. It’s the key but if you put it on the table together with the more sophisticated wines it could confuse the auditory. As the representative of Côte Chalonnaise I’ve chosen Rully but you can go with Mercurey – it’s up to you. These wines should be that kind of Burgundy which everyone think about when hear this region’s name. More to the north we find Côtes de Beaune where you have the largest choiсe: 19 appellations. Most typical whites for me Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet, but if I have the 2nd slot I’d grab Saint-Aubin with partly north exposition because it’s so unusual. Chassagne-Montrachet which I have is pretty modern style but more then complex. Côtes de Nuits is not that white if you know what I mean. But I believe that Chardonnay from some if the villages are THaT good. To be honest Fixin is my favorite appellation both for whites and for reds. It’s tend to aspire to Gevrey-Chambertin in red and to Ladoix style in white. Which is so nice. That’s the way I’ve gone with white Burgundy wines. Hope it’s usefull to you. Today I’m leading the red Burgundy tasting. Check the updates.