The Hidden Gems and Stars of Bourgogne

Bourgogne, a region on the precipice of the new and the old converging together. It’s a region where tradition reigns, but as the region continues to see enthusiasm for the wines of the regions, the hidden gems will continue to bring the region unprecedented prominence. Wines from Bourgogne contain an energy, a life force, where passion and heritage are the utmost. It is here where history also plays a role and the conscientious attention to wine detail has benefited the wine industry and those who consume wine. Wine is one of the most communal products. It brings people together. Friends become family over wine. The stories that happen at dinner with a glass of wine can last lifetimes as stories are passed from generation to generation. Bourgogne wines are similar. Winemaking may be passed from one generation to the next, but not only winemaking, but the meaning of life as shared through the lens of wine. Bourgogne can appear to be a region that is out of reach for many consumers, but the myth needs to be debunked. There is a Bourgogne wine for every consumer and one doesn’t need to look far to find them. There are communes producing wines that respect the history and the terroir of the region, but with approaches to modernity that respect the past and look towards the future. Bourgogne Côtes d’Auxerre and Saint-Bris offer exceptional value with grape varieties of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. These untapped appellations produce great quality wines with structure, texture, and value. They might not be as well known as other appellations, but they are worth seeking out and exploring their uniqueness in each bottle. These appellations are part of the hidden gems of Bourgogne. The stars of Bourgogne are stars for a reason. Years of dedication to the land, wine practices, and the continued pursuit of excellence is why they are as well renowned as they are today. But, all stars started out as hidden gems and their story helps us realize how greatness isn’t an overnight success. It’s the pursuit of unbridled dedication to make wines that are as transcendent as time. Villages such as Gevrey-Chambertain and Santenay help us understand why Bourgogne is well-renowned, respected, complex, and always evolving. The beauty of Bourgogne is that eventually hidden gems become stars.

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