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Rupal Shankar
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Wine writer

Hi! I’m Rupal. I am a lover of fine wines, great food and adventurous travels. Why am I writing about wine? Well, pure and simple, I am a passionate wine connoisseur, wine enthusiast and definitely a wine geek. I have a WSET Advanced Certificate (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) and am currently enrolled in the diploma program with WSET. Oh, I must mention that I am a true Francophile – I have a passion for all things French(language, history, food, culture, and of course wine). This led me to explore the world of French wine in great depth. I recently completely my studies in French wine and am now officially a “scholar”, I was recently awarded the certificate, French Wine Scholar, by the French Wine Society. My love for wine does not stop with the French. I am currently enrolled in the Italian Wine Specialist course as well.

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