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Professional access

Impact of the growth in e-commerce as a vital sales channel on a regional family wine merchants and Bourgogne wine producer

    Pre-recorded debate to be broadcasted from 15th January 2021
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E-commerce - Bourgogne Wines - UK market

Curious? Want to find out more about the Bourgogne wines? The Buyer in partnership with the BIVB, will host an online in-depth roundtable  and debate made up from members across the UK wine trade and representatives from Bourgogne. Focusing on each wine category from Bourgogne, including the lesser known appellations, subjects such as how the wine trade is looking as we move into 2021, hopes for the future, sales trends seen in 2020, and what the trade is focusing on in terms of sourcing, will all be explored. Available to view and share online, this roundtable will provide focused, relevant, and informative content to hopefully help navigate the year ahead

The session is hosted by Richard Siddle of The Buyer and BIVB spokesperson: Manoël BOUCHET, Maison Roche de Bellene, and welcomes John CHARLES, House of Townend.

Enjoy the session ! Play your part about this session by posting your thoughts on social media thanks to our #BourgogneWeek hashtag.


Discover more about the panel discussion

If you want to deepen your knowledge, have the opinions of wine and trade professionals about the following subjects,

  • Overview of their business situation and how e-commerce become important to them
  • How both winemakers and importers have continued to work and exchange despite of the pandemic and the impact on their e-commerce business and relationships
  • Impact of growth of e-commerce on winemakers and the support they are expecting for
  • Overview of the market trends and future driving forces of Bourgogne
  • Less well-known appellations (Régionale and Village)
  • Other trends in terms of new appellations, wines and styles in Bourgogne
  • 2019 and 2020 vintages

The full session will be soon unveiled 


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