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Video: 8 minutes to understand how the Bourgogne terroir was created


This innovative new movie is available in four languages, and explains how our geological history shaped the Bourgogne terroir we know today, and the patchwork of plots that is the Climats.
The film features original 3D animation sequences, shedding light on any questions viewers might have about how the Bourgogne region’s unique vineyards came to be.

An educational approach for a unique experience

This video is a valuable educational tool while being fun and beautiful to watch.

The music confers a unique aspect to the subject, inviting viewers on a trip through time to discover the history and prehistory of the Climats of the Bourgogne winegrowing region. The images transport us from the Jurassic period to the present day, an incredible journey over almost 200 million years. This fascinating film uses simple images to explain sometimes-complex notions, making geology accessible to as many people as possible.

All the scientific content of the film has been carefully checked by a scientific committee.


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{climat Vignoble Bourgogne Patrimoine Mondial}