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Bourgogne wines press kit - Hospices de Beaune wine auction 2022


Download above the Bourgogne wines press kit at the occasion of the 162nd Hospices de Beaune wine auction on Sunday 20th November 2022.

Bourgogne 2022: A generous and promising vintage - page 4

The 2021 vintage in Bourgogne: Delicate wines to enjoy now - page 9

Bourgogne wines return to better volumes in a still-disrupted global environment - page 11

A new look for the Bourgogne region’s vineyards thanks to new signage for its appellations - page 19

A new website targeting millennials: - page 21


Watch the Hospices de Beaune and Bourgogne Wine Board press conference


For the Charity part

  •  François Poher, Director and Chairman of the Board of Hospices Civils de Beaune (at 0:16 mn)
  • Marie-Anne Ginoux, Managing Director of Sotheby's France (at 5:50 mn)
  • Camille Romain des Boscs, Managing Director, The World Vision Organisation (at 10:10 mn)
  • Muriel Hattab, President and Founder of Princesse Margot Association (at 14:50 mn)
  • Flavie Flament, French journalist and writer, representing The World Vision Organisation

For the vintages and wines industry

  •  Ludivine Griveau, Winemaker of the Domaine des Hospices de Beaune (at 20:00 mn)
  • François Labet, President of the Bourgogne Wine Board - BIVB (at 29:35 mn)
  • Laurent Delaunay, Co-President of the Bourgogne Wine Board - BIVB (at 34:25 mn)

Questions of the journalists (at 38:25 mn)

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